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Coolant flush on 07 GT500

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Hey guys, this is my first post on a GT500 forum, I just picked up an 07 Vista Blue/White stripes this week. Will make an introduction post on the designated spot with some photos soon!


I did a engine/intercooler coolant flush on the car when I got it. I drained the engine coolant using the drain at the bottom passenger side, and even ran the engine (carefully watching engine temp.) in hopes of letting the T-stat open and cycle the old coolant out. I refilled it, but somehow only managed to get about 14-15 qts. in there. I know its a 21 qt. system, could there really be that much left in the block, even after running the engine? Same goes for the intercooler. Drained via the coolant return hose and got about 2 qts. in there. Just making sure everythings OK. I ran the engine afterwards up to temp a well. Thanks, Kevin

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