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Silicon grease

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I was told by Ford racing last year at Osh Kosh that I should only use silicon grease when lubing up the sway bars. He said if you use a petroluem based it will break down the polyurthane bushings.


I just called Ford racing to ask for a Part number or where I can get pure silicon grease and the rep said he will get me an answer by Monday.


Just curious to if any of you know where to get and what is the part number for this pure silicon grease.

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Okay I found a pure silicon grease that is meant to be used on polyurthane bushings.


I searched google and came accross the Hotchkis site and they sell a tube for $24 plus $6 for shipping.

You can order it from them at www.hotchkis.net or Jeggs or Summit also carries it.



Part Number is 3101


Phone number to Hotchkis is 562-907-7757

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