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wheels for 2007

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I own a 2007 gt--would like to buy super snake wheels-powder coated black--20 inch---will these wheels make any difference in the car's handling-and will they fit?--shelby wheels list them but says they are sold out--i want a matte black wheel,solid matte black,preferably a Shelby.Any help would be appreciated.

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first off, they will fit,second shelby is always out of stock ,so let them e-mail you when they are in and you can try to get your order in , third powdercoat them your self otherwise you will be waiting forever, i powdercoated mine in matt finish they look great, shelby DOES NOT POWEDERCOAT THE RIMS they send them out , so do it yourself and save time, as far as the ride no difference to me just watch out for the pot holes

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There not Alcoa's but you may want to check these out. This is our new CS-1. They will be available in 20x9 front and 20x11 rear. I should have about 7 sets within the next 3 weeks. More to follow. Sorry for the low quality pic. Did that with my phone. Haven't even done studio shots yet.


I forgot to upload the photo didn't I? I'm not where I can upload it but here's a link to the image on our Facebook page:



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