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45TH GT350 Pictures Needed

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Ladies and Gentleman,


My diminished value claim from my 350 being rear ended in November is gathering momentum. I had a collector car appraiser at my home to see the "repaired" car and give his feedback to my attorney. The appraiser would like some photos of cars from other owners so he can compare what an unmolested car is supposed to look like. The key areas he would like to see are:


1. rear end - straight on

2. rear end - tail lights

3. rear end - tail pipes (not crooked please)

4. gaps - between rear fascia and rear corner panel

5. gaps - between trunk spoiler and rear quarter spoiler

6. paint match - between rear fascia and quarter panels

7. paint match - between spoiler and trunk

8. paint match between hood and front quarter panels

9. wheels


I do not need any personal info but would like to group each set of pictures by cms # for comparison purposes.


Pictures can be sent to my email tony356@comcast.net


The appraisers name is Charlie Barone and his email is charliebarone@verizon.net


Thanks for all your help and support throughout this process. Have a safe weekend.



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