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Baer Extreme Brake Bleed


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I had the brakes installed about 600 miles and then I ran on a road course at a performance driving school. The brakes were never fully bedded so tried to bed them on the course. Make sure you cover your brake cooling ducts when bedding if you have them. We got the brakes very, very hot. After the school I realized my brake pedal was very mushy so I decided to replace the fluid. The original fluid I used was Brembo LCF (?) and I replaced it with plain old Valvoline. The stuff that came out of the brake lines was amazing! There were little metal flakes, black dirt and even tiny clumps of "stuff". After I poured out the old fluid the "stuff" was still adhered to the sides of the bucket. I had to wipe it off and it smeared like it was grease or oil. I'm shocked by what came out of there. Anyway, the brakes are rock solid now. The pedal is harder than it was when I first installed the brakes.


I just have to assume what came out was from the manufacturing.


By the way, I originally had to torque the bleeders to 25 ft. lbs. to keep them from leaking. I torqued them to 23 this time and probably could have gone a little lower. But, they seated much better this time than the first time I bled them.

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