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Whipple radiator pipe leak


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Hey everyone, I just thought I'd provide a little info / repair bulletin for Whipple owners.


The last month or so, I've noticed a tiny leak on the garage floor under the Shelby. At first I sort of ignored it thinking it was simply condensation as it was really only a couple drops here and there. Then it started increasing to a few more drops so I finally made an appointment to have Tasca look at it this coming Tuesday. Meanwhile, I was going to head up to New England Dragway tonight to make a few fun runs, but before heading up, I thought I'd try to take one last look and see if I could see exactly what the problem was. So I pulled the few tiny bolts off the bottom plastic shield and finally found the problem.


There are obviously a supply and return line to feed the super charger radiator. Well one of the lines is up about 4-6 inches right in between the SC radiator and the regular engine radiator. Unfortunately the engine radiator is rubbing against the SC radiator line and it finally wore (due to vibration over time) a hole in the line. It seems like there was a little rubber piece of pipe that was probably supposed to be there, but it was up a little further doing nothing. So maybe the Shelby engineers/mechanics were smart enough to put that rubber piece there to protect the pipe. In my case, either it fell to one side from vibrations or maybe someone might have moved it when working on my car at some point.


The bottom line is, please everyone take a look at this to make sure you don't run into the same problem. Remove that plastic shield under the radiators to access/view it and make sure that rubber piece is there protecting the pipe or that pipe isn't rubbing against the engine radiator.


Fortunately, I can call Tasca to make sure they have one in stock to replace mine.


Just thought I'd give you all a heads up. It's really tight in between those radiators so I see how this could have happened. But it's an easy fix to make sure you're not leaking.

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Hi Guys,


I wanted to let youy know that I installed my whipple and there is not any lines between the radiator and intercooler that should be touching any part of either component. If it is then they installed it incorrectly. Just an fyi. I can say that it requires some thought and a few different methods of triaql and error to install correctly but you should not have this situation and it can be corrected.


Hope this helps. Glad to see you got the whipple swed.


Take Care,


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That's correct Billy thanks for mentioning that as I was about to do the same.

Last night I had the pleasure of further solving the leak issue and determined it wasn't the pipe leaking but instead the SC radiator as that seems to be the softer metal that wore quicker so I pulled it out and will have someone repair the pinhole. As Billy mentioned the pipe I mentioned earlier wasn't from the SC installation but are for one of the other radiators there. Either way, make sure you get under there at some point and make sure that the little rubber pieces on each side are in the right spot and help prevent the wearing and eventual leaking.

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