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For those of you that have read any of my non-auto related posts, I am a proud dad of 4. My 11 year old daughter is a pretty good athlete, and has played boys baseball since she was 5. Saturday was our last regular season game (playoffs start tomorrow) in an 18 game season with 7 teams in the division. It was my wife's birthday. In this division we had only 3 home runs total (over the fence shots) during the season. This was the total for the entire 7 team division, not my team.


My daughter has been hitting deep shots to center field all season, to the deepest part of the park (200 feet). She hit two 195 foot shots a couple of weeks ago for long doubles. I have been telling her if she would get around on it a little quicker and hit it to left (180 feet) it would go out.


In the first inning my daughter took a 2-2 fastball from the other team's ace and hit it out to left center. One of the dads was taking pictures and got a good shot right after she hit it. If you look closely, the woman in the upper left hand corner is my wife, and her jaw has just dropped open because she has just realized it is going out. The league is going through some records to find out, but as far back as anyone can remember (10-15 years) this is the first over the fence home run by a girl in Claremont Little League.


To see I was a proud dad after the home run is a colossal understatement.


Picture attached.


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Congrats to your daughter Bob...... :woot: Going to your kid's baseball games are very exciting I know firsthand how that feels my Son played baseball for 8 years and his homeruns were the best moments...... :happy feet:

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