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clutch questions


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I have a gt 500 2008 built date april 08.I keep hearing people having issues with there clutch.Is there a way for me to know if my car is subject to have this problem.

i have 19,000km and the car was built in canadian plant. :yahoo:


tks!!!!! :headscratch:



First of all, there is no such 'Canadian Build" Mustangs / Shelbys. All Mustangs are build in Flat Rock, Michigan


Regarding your clutch, carefully read the clutch related "TSB" and see if you "feel" any of the symtoms described. You may... or you may not...


Your build date means that you have the old flyweel which may distord and cause all kinds of troubles.


On my 2009, my clutch simply started slipping at 22000 km. It was changed under warranty (After some chat with Ford Canada) with a 2010 Clutch Assembly. (What a difference!!!. :yahoo: )


The best thing I can say is "Good luck"

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