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Way to go Carl


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Good to see Ford get a win for Million bucks.... :happy feet:



Boy, he sure FUGGED his car up in his slide! At least Jack was laughing about it (he's a tough guy to work for!).


Did you see the damage to the car? DANG. He bent the LEFT side up as bad as the right side and the left never touched anything. That splitter caught the grass and it was like a dozer blade with too much angle set to it. Damn near flipped the car!


And now the "Anti-Carl's" have come out and are trying to say he did it to keep NASCAR from inspecting the car. If that was intentional, Cousin Carl is a MUCH better driver than he gets credit for....and smarter than anyone else to be able to get that nose to dig in like that, just at the right time, just at the right place, just the nose of the car.





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Looks like the Roush camp has there act together finally- they won all the segments on Sat night, then finishing 1-2 at Sundays Nationwide race. Also Roush took the win last weekend at VIR in the GS class with Billy Johnson & Jack Roush Jr behind the wheel. :happy feet:

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