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One year ago today.......

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Quit it...you're making my car feel old! HA! I've had mine for going on two years pretty soon!


Always enjoy pics of your car and your part of the world, Cdvision.



I just noticed a shithawk gave my car a nice present too. On the roof and down the right rear quarter panel. YUK!!!

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One year ago today I brought home my brand new 2010 GT500. I celebrated it's B-day by taking it out for a nice cruise around Vancouver (BC).












Hey man, mine just hads it's birthday too , but unfortunately mine was at ford getting a new rack and pinion. It was real crazy how my appointment was exactly the day when I got it a year ago, I didn't even notice it, the service dude brought it to my attention...nuts though, right?........ dam axle whine........

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