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08 GT50 goes 179 mph


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Not in the quarter though!


Took my 08 GT500 along to an event last Saturday called VMax Overboost held at Bruntingthorpe airfield here in the UK. The runway is 2 miles long & timing beams were set at around the 1.5 mile mark. All kinds of exotica were in attendance such as a new Lexus LFA, Ferrari 599 GTO & a RUF CTR.


My car has Justin’s tune & pulley with KR mufflers, I was hoping for 170, but knocking on the door of 180, 5900 rpm in fifth & still pulling well at the line, blew me away!!


The CTR went 207 & the GTO 195. A stock ’11 GTR ran 181 (tuned 197) & a Camaro SS 161.


Wondering what it would do with a VMP TVS now………….



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Awesome results Ukfiveo and congrats !!! :happy feet:


So how did the car feel at that speed, was your hood / bonnet lifting significantly and what type of suspension are you running ?




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Sounds like you got Kyle Busch beat for sure... in a better car :happy feet:

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