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2011 Carlisle,PA Hall of Kings

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The map is Here


The KRs will be in building "G" in the lower left corner. Gate 1 near Building G is the main entrance to the show. The primary area for the other Shelbys will be around Building G. Clay Street is the main flow to the parking areas and will drive right by the TS reunion so we will get a LOT of coverage :)


The back up area (for the overflow 200+ Shelbys) will likely be in row H. The final layout of where the other classes are going will be finalized next week. It's about 1/3 of a mile from end to end and will be packed with cars. In fact Carlisle events just purchased an adjacent property to add another 800+ spaces as the show can only hold about 4,000 cars as it stands now.


The show field is massive and all roads lead through the "Hall of Kings"

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Wonder if they'll have a swap meet as well? Looking for an old "gas pump" for the garage.


For those bringing a trailer, where will those be parked ?



Fia, I keep forgetting you've never been to Carlisle... I can truthfully tell you that in 3 days you will not get to see half of the vendors. There are hundreds of vendors ranging from CJ Pony Parts' huge sales tent/trailer/area to the guy selling old parts from a folding table and everything in between! You have not seen anything like the Carlisle show. ever. If it had anything to do with something related to an automobile at some point it's for sale there. LOL


The KR trailers will most likely be parked directly behind the building. Kind of "Nascar-style" with all the trailers in a row side by side. There is a nice close but out of the way spot for them.


The other TS trailers of owners will be parked in the first trailer staging area close to gate 1 (about a 1/2 mile away).


Zporta, Get that KB on! let's see that monster!



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