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Ford sending a VIP to the event


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We are VERY pleased to announce that John Clor from the Ford Performance Group (FPG) will be joining us at the event! John is the FPG communications manager and the website manager. He will be speaking at Friday's dinner and may even do a Q&A session with us!


Here is a list of just a few of John's career highlights:


  • Member of Ford's "Maverick Committee" that consulted with Ford Product Development and Team Mustang on the new 2012 Boss 302
  • Featured in the Speed TV Boss 302 program
  • Co-narrator of "making of the Mustang" documentary
  • Appearances on CBS, CNN, PBS, HISTORY CHANNEL, A&E, Tech TV, ABC Radio News, NPR among others
  • author of "The Mustang Dynasty"
  • director of SVT Owners Association


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Very nice to meet John Clor. I loved his talk and admire his candor regarding Mustangs and Ford Motor Company. And the truth about imports :hysterical: . Looking forward to reading his book and watching the video.


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