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Loose rocker panel

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The rocker panel is held in with a number of plastic clips; several side, several on the bottom and two up front. The side ones are the T-type clips, while the bottom ones are trim clips, or christmas tree clips. The two front are V-type clips that use center pins.




So if I push on the rocker panel it should clip back in?




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I had the same issue with my driver's side rocker panel. Turned out the very rear clip had disappeared. Ford wants like $7 or $8 per clip, which is nuts, but there's really no other clean way to repair it. The clips are easy to deal with and socal's right, the panels tolerate a lot of abuse.

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Hey guys.

My passenger side rocker panel is looser then a date on prom night but I can't figure out how to tighten it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!





CSM 07SGT1200



That's funny stuff right there :hysterical:

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