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2007 with 1700 miles


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Just purchased this beauty with only 1700 miles. Should I leave it bone stock or do some sensible mods like CAI, Exhaust, Tuner?

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CAI , KR mufflers.



+1 on the cold air

-1 on the KR mufflers

+1 on the Mac custom mufflers no motor boat sound with theses + hp gains :rockon:

+1 on upper pulley


now that you will have wheel hop like crazy you. Upper and lower rear control arms, might as well do the pan hard bar when your down there (stock one will flex lots around corners).


Now you have a cool sounding ride that performs much better than stock. Only problem is when you get use to the power and handling, you will want to make it better :spend:


Have fun welcome to modders anonymous :hysterical:

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