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CA Smog test, custom tunes, parts etc...


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Just curious - I know these cars aren't old enough that require getting smogged in CA (and

other states with equally silly rules), but it is advised that you go back to stock tunes when it

is time to be tested. Would that also mean, say if you had the 2.6 pulley mod, would you

leave it on there, or revert back to a 3.0 for the test?

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I wouldn't bother. The smog tech won't get into boost. The car will run fine on the stock tune with a small pulley for what the test entails.



IF the tech does the test correctly, and keeps it below 3000 rpm. Trust me, he'll see a GT500 coming in, and he'll rev it up. Also, make sure the tech only tests the car when it's warmed up.

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IF the tech does the test correctly, and keeps it below 3000 rpm. Trust me, he'll see a GT500 coming in, and he'll rev it up. Also, make sure the tech only tests the car when it's warmed up.



When the time comes to Smog mine then I will be in the Driver Seat.............All I need to do is find a Tech

that Trusts me and want's my Money................ :D

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Had to smog my Terminator several times. The Tune and the pulley are not an issue, a Tune shouldl actually run cleaner as it is leaner than stock. There is no boost when the car is on the rollers..Here are a couple of things to look for. IF your smog test Tech does a visual, and he is "required" to:

1. If you have an after-market cold air kit on the car they will look for a Carb # on it. The 10-11 Shelby's are factory equipped, no problem. The 07-09 versions came closed from the factory. The FRPP Cai has a Carb #, I have one. I think the K/N Cai also has one. C/ L and BBK may also be approved. If you have a different one, and they look....Well print one from......


After-market Blowers..Will they know to look?? I know several of the Whipple's have Carb #'s...I have one...


They are also required to look for factory Cats, if they are off, put them back on and make sure you go thru several cycles...You will fail the sniffer without Cats

After-market Cats...HMM, well is someone going to look??? In the Term. world the Magnaflow Cats seemed to pass, others didn't. EX. many of us went to X Pipes with Cats

Having done all of that, make sure the car is HOT, and try and get it on the rollers immediately

They will also check your gas cap.. Good luck and remember if you keep the car the first smog isn't for 6 years [currently]......

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I heard that they will soon be doing OBD2 plug in test only(no more dyno) for all cars built after 2002. Has anybody else heard about this.



That's the way it's done in UT, it's called emissions testing. If OBDII passes, then there isn't even an inspection under the hood. Older vehicles still have to have the stick up the pipe. We have never had a dyno emissions test.

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The OP can believe who he wants. I stand by my words. The dyno rollers provide resistance, and I've caught smog technicians going above the 3000 rpm mark.



I don't care if they go to 6,250 RPM, they won't get into boost. Being over 3,000 doesn't mean the engine isn't under vacuum. They don't throw you on the rollers and go WOT dude.

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You are incorrect. The car is strapped to a dynometer to be smogged...... that's a load.


Not necessarily.


That is totally dependant on what county he is in. He could be in either a Exempt county, a Basic county or a Enhanced county.


Exempt Counties do not requre you to get bienneal testing. I don't remember if they require testing on initial reg. or change of ownership but I'm thinking "not".


In Basic counties, they smog vehicles the old way (i.e. No Load Mode) with 3 types of testing.


1). Visual Test; Look for EGR valve, Catalytic Converter, Charcoal Canister, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) EGO sensor, etc. etc. etc.

2). Functional Test; Test the EGR function, pressure test the EVAP system including gas cap, MIL, etc.

3). Tailpipe Test; Run the car at idle and at 2500 RPM to get a tailpipe sample of HC/CO with NO LOAD.


Enhanced Counties require you to get the 3 above tests performed PLUS a 5-gas tailpipe sample (HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOx) on a dyno (a.k.a. "LOADED MODE" test).


I haven't worked on or taught Smog classes in CA for a couple of years now but unless something has changed within the past couple of years, it is still as I described above.



Phill Pollard

Calif. BAR Certified Smog Mechanic

Calif. BAR Certified CACC (i.e. SMOG) Instructor

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