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Bob's Big Boy cruise


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Had a great 3 days in L.A. for the Knott's show. Here are a few pics from the Bob's Team Shelby show.











+1 The high light of the weekend for me was getting a picture of my 65 with Micheal MMcGuirks' 2011 GT 350,with the Shelby Rig as a backdrop. Thank you for posting. And thank you TS members of the PNWR for a wonderful get together.See you guys next year, or maybe even sooner I hope. Till then, keep the tires spinnin and keep on grinnin.

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Some great pics cobra...............thanks for posting.



I also want to thank all the great folks from the Team Shelby Pacific Region for a very fun time at the Bob's cruise........great job everyone.

It was really cool to see the SA trailer and 2012 GT350 verts on display...............as for the red one :drool:

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Is it just me or would anyone else had removed that dealership license plate frame within the first day of ownership?


Unless the owner works at the dealership ;)





+1000 Steve, biggest pet peeve for me....unless they're paying you to advertise...I also find it amusing when you see a high line car going down the road and the owner leaves the chinzy plastic frame on....or someone buys a pre-owned car from a non-matching dealer (say a Mercedes bought at a Toyota dealer) :slapfight: FAIL

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Hey Danstang65, you still have your sons hoarse in the back seat ? This is Kenji the guy with the 08 grabber orange Shelby Gt . Do you have any more pics ? And hey that 65 comes alive nxt to that 350!


Hi Kenji. Nope,the horse is back in his room. Remember, my car is a daily driver so I have to make room for my passengers ;ie the kids. I will see about posting more pics, but most of the time I am behind the wheel if you know what I mean. Thanks for the compliment regarding the picture. As you notice, I now use it for my avitar. By far, this is my favorite picture taken of my car with another. So hows your Shelby doin? Any mods lately? Are you going to the Shelby Bash for 2012? I would love to go if I can. I will find out the closer we et to the date. If I did go, I will not be doing track time for my car is not set up for that,at least not by then. . Saturday my family and I are going on vacation for a week It was nice to hear from you. Take care and talk to you later.

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Didn't see these..... love the picture of the two 350's in front of the trailer.... awesome...


Thank you. I was honored to have the opprotunity to get the photo. I hope it is not disappointing to hear that my 65' is a tribute. It is what it is, but I still drool over my car. As a matter of fact,I just ot back from a week long vacation with my family. When I saw my car in the driveway, I could not hold back my smile. I just love my car!

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