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Dimpled & Slotted Rotors


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Anyone ever used Brake Performance for rotors? i am looking for their Premium Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors in Black to go behind my new Super Snake wheels. Anyone have any experience with BP?





I've been looking at these also, cheaper than brake world with the DiscItalia rotors. Let me know also if someone uses the BP rotors, I'm defineatly interested, thanks- Tonyd1

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I have them!!! and i have had them on the track many times, tons of 135mph to 35 mph turns...Drove them hard at both Shelby bash track days.... I can report NO Warp-age and NO fading, they stop excellent and don't put out allot of brake dust... they are heavier than the two piece baer "hatted" rotors though not as heave as stock brembo rotors


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