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Shelby sights while on vacation


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Spent last week driving up and down the coast doing our annual escape from New England

to actually get Spring weather (up here it seems to be skipped every year; snowed on April 1st).

Only this year I got to see some nice Shelby sights.


The first one was snuck in by altering my course to Florida and swinging though Hershey, PA

to check out the Shelby exhibit at the AACA museum. Some very nice and rare Shelbys

there, including former national champions. The progression of original GT350s side by side

really highlights the minor differences between the models. They include examples of every

Shelby era as it does not neglect the Chrysler models or our cars (a very nice SGT-H). Those

of you going there before it ends this month are in for a treat.


On the road on I-77 between the Carolinas we drove next to a black SGT with California plates

that was a dead ringer for mine, except for the dash pod. (If the owner is reading this post,

yes I was the nut job in the blue minivan trying to peer into your interior while urging my wife

to keep speeding up.)


At the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Parking lot, there was SGT-H 202 basking in the sun

last Friday. The owner of that car is much more braver than me for parking next to minivans

amd SUVs filled with kids impatiently flinging their doors open. By some miracle I didn't

spot any door dings.


Of course, all of it just made me pine away to get back home and drive my own.



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