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By Mike Krumboltz

ShareretweetEmailPrintBy Mike Krumboltz mike Krumboltz – 2 hrs 1 min ago

The truth is out there. And by "truth," we mean a controversial (and official) 1950s FBI memo that alleges aliens did in fact land in New Mexico which has just been republished on the agency's website.


Not surprisingly, the news sparked a furious amount of activity on the web. Online lookups for "ufo fbi files" soared

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Watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. It's a fairly new series that's been out for about a year now. Really interesting stuff that makes you think.

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Check out Fire in the Sky, Communion and The Gulf Breeze Incident. All true stories. :hide:



I have all ways wonted to rent a place in gulf breeze on the beach and do some night time UFO watching. I live close enough just need a big pair of binoculars and some extra time. :alien: :alien: :worm::worm:

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Maybe we cancelled the space shuttle program because they are afraid of what they keep seeing up there????? :hysterical2:









Glad to see you back Chris :happy feet: And your right about the space schuttle program.How many Astronauts and Miliary pliots have come out with a story only to told they did not see what they saw? :alien:

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Is anyone watching the latest round of "aliens among us" TV shows? I think the new "V" is turning out pretty good. "The Incident" took a plot twist over the past few episodes.


None of them compare to the best: The Invaders (A Quinn Martin Production). Starring Roy Thinnes. Available on DVD from NetFlix.

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