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Dunlop SP Sport 7010 A/S DSST


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I've found another candidate for the great tire hunt, which I plan to have ready and installed before taking delivery of my 2012. As it turns out, trading-in cut about $1,500 in tire replacement costs - Jersey cold is hell on the F-1 G: 2's.


Anyway, the fact that they happen to come in OE rear fitment and the 255 up-front in combination with the temperature-friendliness may help the nose be less prone to dodge and bite, they seem like they may be an attractive, if expensive, alternative.


The only downside is also a potential upside given another GT500 trait - they're run-flats. Generally, I hate the harshness and trade-offs one must be willing to take for run-flats, but I'd be thanking my lucky stars the first time I have a flat if the $1,200 rim takes the brunt of the punishment.


Has anybody any experience with these, even anecdotally? No review information seems to be yet available.



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