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Any SHELBYS going to pigeon forge rod run


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Just wondering if any one going or not.Last year was my first time down there .WE took my aunts o1 gt vert down had over 170000 miles on it never gave us a bit of trouble.While there i seen a 08 black gt that was all done up .Yep i fell in love no it wasnt a shelby but it was nice .When i got back i started looking for me a stang by the way been a chevy guy all my life .IT took me all the way till january to find it .I test drove them all 04 cobras reg gts but nothing was right till i seen my 2008 SHELBY GT convertible in a autotrader the vista blue and silver stripes had me at hello and to boot it had a roush supercharger on it.and only had 7600 miles on it. YEP sign me up ill be there with bells on c-ya

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