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Spring Rates - Coupe vs. Vert


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As much parity as exists between the 2011/2012 Coupe and Convertible - particularly compared to other cars, they're still not the same - even beyond chassis rigidity.


In reading the GT500 Supplement, I see that the Convertible with SVTPP basically uses the same spring rates as the baseline Coupe - which is considerably firmer than the Coupe with SVTPP. I've also noticed, unlike the Coupe which goes from a 23mm sway bar to 24mm with the SVTPP, the Convertible actually goes from 23mm to 22mm with the SVTPP.


I realize some of these differences are to accommodate clearance and the additional bracing - and because the chassis is heaver, with a different weight distribution. What I've yet to fully discern, however, is just how much less aggressive the Convertible suspension makes it.


Does anybody know how differently Shelby treats the Convertible in SuperSnake form from the Coupe? Has anybody added the FR-3 springs - despite the rest of the FR-3 pack (besides the dampers) being marketed for the Coupe only?


I'd appreciate any helpful guidance.

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