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Need Help Finding a U-Nut


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Hope you've found what you need, but in case you haven't. I stumbled across the Hardware/fasteners section at Lowe's the other day, and found what I thought might work for you. I was looking for some non-related stuff, and they had a big section of misc automotive type fasteners from the cheap plastic push fasteners for upholstery and bodywork to U-nuts, much like what I think that you were needing. Thought I'd mention it, cause it wasn't the first place that I thought of for "car" parts. If memory serves, Home Depot and Menards have similar sections.


Good luck! Stan

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Anyone know where I can find a 1-1/4'' deep U-Nut (M6.1.0 thread)

I've checked the internet and every supplier and body shop in my area and the biggest I can find is 3/4'' deep.

I only need 1.

This may sound crazy but if you have a real good parts person at a Ford dealership he can find this nut for you.

It's a lot of work for 1 piece but like I said if you have a good relationship with him he'll find it for you.



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