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Speed limiter?

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Does anyone out there know whether or not there is any type of top speed limiter on the new 350s? And if there is, how can it be overridden? Any help is appreciated.


Ciao and God bless...Jon



The stock speed limiter is eliminated by the FRPP tune.

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Well, it was still activated when I got it from Shelby. The FRPP tune does NOT remove the limiter. I changed that and the rev limiter I had bumped to 7200, although Jon Lund states it should handle 7500, but I do want a saftey net.


Also, Lund tuned the Lethal 5.0 624hp whippled 2011 automatic. They swapped the pulley to a 3.125, and swapped the CAI, and it ran a 9.89 on the 1/4...pretty impressive.


I doubt I need to reveal where my next 700.00 is going to go.

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