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So, I got my wife a 2011 Mustang (V6), I have a GT500, and was going to order some parts for it. I ended up at the Stage 3 Motorsports web site and they had what I needed, at least that is what I thought. I placed the order on line and then called Monday morning March 21, first thing to ask a few questions.


-I was told the exhaust, CAI were in stock, but I was then told it would take 5 days to get after processing and shipping from Arizona to Florida. I asked about 3 day service and they did not seem to want to entertain that idea even though I was paying. So after a while I get a call back on the cost of shipping.


-Now here comes the bang. The exhaust and CAI are not in stock. They can drop ship the exhaust from the vendor but another 5 days or so to get and no one can get the people that supply the CAI. Same went for the fog light kit I wanted.


-Now more bang. I cancelled the order and they charge a 3% fee for that even though nothing was really done. As a matter of fact when I called that morning they had not even got to my order from the web yet, so any conversation we had as far as I'm concerned would be the same as if I was ordering over the phone asking questions. I have never been charged 3% from any vendor anywhere unless an order was actually boxed and ready for shipping which I would understand that. Hard to box my order when it was not even there to box. My card was already charged and now waiting to see the credit posted. If not done by this Friday I will have my CC company do a charge back.


-So I did my own search and low and behold in 1 day I received the fog light kit and installed it already March 22. My exhaust that can't be had is on the UPS truck being delivered today March 23 and will be installed. I guess lesson learned at least for me on this vendor. If you can't look on the shelf or have someone look on the shelf and see that you actually have the part, that part is not there in my book. Also a 3% charge for nothing done is BS. They lost a good size sale and a future customer.

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I dont really know how to explain why some have great experiences with a vendor and others have horror stories...


What I do know is that "most" of the parts we like/want/need immediately are not "stocked" by these distributors, they are at the manufacturers warehouse and get drop shipped...

So your comment about "go check whats on the shelf" is not really relevant. Sure, someone can check an online inventory system, but they are not always accurate, and sometimes REALLY inaccurate.


What you need to judge your vendors on is responsiveness to your needs, GREAT communication, and lastly... price.

These all add up to CUSTOMER SERVICE. Some are great at it, some really suck at it.


Unfortunately in this day and age of "online internet stores" (just about anybody with a credit line can open one) - customer service is going out the window. Some of these "parts specialists" have never even SEEN the part you're ordering, never examined it for quality, etc. Never seen it installed on a car to check fit, finish, durability... never done ANY of these tests. So, go with the experienced vendors for these special parts, the folks who actually OWN, build, show, and race MUSTANGS...

That's real experience, REAL customer service, REAL knowledge - not just an internet transaction that nets them $5.

Sure, if you're looking for an air filter or some other "commodity" piece, shop it for best "shipped" price - we ALL do that.


But If you want some suggestions for quality vendors, either check the site vendor/sponsor section - or PM me and I'll share my experiences.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the review and sorry to hear about that. I have heard other similar reviews on this vendor. This alone is one of the many reasons I bought into the forum "system" years ago. And 9 times out of 10 when you post something like this, someone will respond with, "They did fine for me." And fair enough, but what most people don't understand is that doing GOOD business 95% of the time and UNETHICAL, SHADY business, maybe only 5% of the time... doesn't make you a GOOD BUSINESS. In my book, there are failures, which happen... and there are screwjobs which are intentional and underhanded. Charging someone 3% when they never actually fulfilled an order, is the latter of the 2. That's how I tend to judge my vendors. Failures and mishaps happen and can be resolved, but screwjobs are inexcusable and make me irrate.


I had an Audi parts vendor ship me a part for our A6 last month. Showed up broken, and obviously not broken in transit. They said no problem, ship it back and we'll refund you the full original cost (including shipping) plus return shipping. I shipped it back with a receipt for the return shipping. The refunded me the part price, MINUS a 20% restocking fee and NO refunded original shipping OR return shipping! So they charged me over $100 to receive and return a broken part. THAT is another fine example of the latter.

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So and update from my post and I give credit where credit is due;


-First off, regardless if you have item in your warehouse or they are somewhere else, it is your responsibility as in sales to provide accurate info. Like my post said I did my own research and it was 100% spot on and the exhaust and fog lights are already installed as of today.


-Now Blue Oval had several bad post in here but I bought 2 items and they were verified in stock and had them at my door as promised in 2 days. So for me Blue Oval is doing well.


-JLT is in the same boat because they had the parts and again 2 days and they are here.


If you are going to be in sales you need to be in sales. Regardless of why I want an item or how fast, it's your job to inform me and get it to me when I want it and what I want. or we simply go to a different sales team. That's how it works.


My hats off to Blue Oval and JLT and also Starkey that had the fog lights in 1 day to me.

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So and update from my post and I give credit where credit is due;




My hats off to JLT.








Jay has excellent customer service. He treats his customers like he wants them to return for future business. That is definitely hard to find these days.

I recommend him and his products as often as I can.

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Sorry you had such a bad expierance, I've always have first rate service from Bill and his guys..


I've spent thousands of dollars there, even had panic issues were I needed stuff shipped over night and they have always came through for me.

As I type this I have a complete suspension kit and air intake (for our Lincoln LT) in route to me. Fed Ex tracking numbers in hand.



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