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Experience with blow by racing


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I have had excellent dealings with several shops...VMP, Lethal...excellent!..now listen to this.


I originally bought some open-ended lug nuts for my racestar rims not knowing if the closed would work...after I was done with the install I knew they would so ordered a set from Blow by racing. $30+9.71 shipping.


They arrived and when I opened the package they had sent me the open ones by mistake...no big deal right. I called them and spoke with the woman at sales...liz i think. She told me to send them back and they would send out the correct ones and refund my shipping ($5). So i sent them back, waited until a few days after they received them and gave them a call. I asked if the correct set was on the way. My answer...no, we dont even carry the closed ones. My question was .....then why are you selling them on your web site?


She then tells me they are sending me a check for $30. A check mind you not back on my credit card. And for $30. My order was for #39.71 plus the $5 return shipping. I asked why it was for only $30 and she replied because we shipped them didnt we so why should we refund that? I pointed out that written policy on their web site says that if they make a mistake they will cover all ground shipping. She then hung up. I called back and spoke to the sales mgr who ws just as helpful.


Obviously I called the credit card company and they are on it.


I am sure blow by racing doesnt do this to all their customers but everyone please beware. It is only $45 for me but next time it could be for a big ticket item for you.

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Screw it. Give account online (done). Never buy again. Tell others in person and online about this when youbsee people considering them. The lost business will add up. Doesn't cost you a dime, either. Also tell the bbb. I always check bbb rating before a major purchase.

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