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Non Trac-Loc rear in '06 Hertz

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I finally got around to pulling apart the rear differential that I swapped out of my '06 Hertz...after swapping the 3.55 axle for a complete 4;10 Trac-Loc assembly. I pulled the cover off and lo-and-behold...


It's not a Trac-Loc. It is merely a cheap 'ol one-wheel-peel!


Has anyone else checked the rearend in their Hertz to see if they have an open differential? It's easy enough to do, just jack up both rear wheels, and spin one wheel by hand. If the other spins the SAME direction, its a Trac-Loc. If they rotate opposite, it's an open differential.


I checked the paperwork and it does not list the car coming from Ford with a Trac-Loc, but I thought all V8 Mustangs had them as standard equipment.


I wonder if our factory 3:31 Trac-Loc rear ends were swapped out for open 3:55 differentials...all those pallets of rear end assemblies we saw on the floor at Shelby American during the conversion. :headscratch:

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