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Post your 19s

03 DSG Snake

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No pictures of new wheels and tires as I am about to order wheels and send them to Weldcraft. But some of SVT PP wheels and tires (19 and 20)

I have done a ton of reserch on this from buying a set of factory SVT PP wheels and tires. Can tell you that the 20 inch rears have a flatter spoke so they do not clear the Baer/Shelby Extreme brakes :banghead:


Have a fellow member send me a FRPP 19x10 wheel to try and it cleared the brakes fine in both front and rear. The wheel had about a 1/8 inch clearance to the strut on my FRPP suspension. I know of two members running these in the front with 275x35x19's with no problem. As far as the rear I had about 1.5 inches of clearance to the shock boot and 2 inches to the inner fender panel.


I found that I am very limited in options as I want to run Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I thought about the 315x35x20 for the original SVT PP wheel but it is 28.7 which might be too tall and would need to widen the 20x9.5 to 20x11. Since the wheel would not clear the brakes (1/4 inch spacer needed) that was out of the question.

I am left with the FRPP wheels. Now I know the 19x10s clear the brakes so I am left with which tires. I mounted a 275x35x19 on the 10 and fit fine and cleared but thought the rim was just a bit too wide for the tire.

Since I cannot find a pair of 19x9.5 wheels and not sure if color would match the FRPP wheels. I think I am going to get 4 of the FRPP 19x10s and widen 2 of them to 19x11 and put 305x30x19s on the them. This tire is 26.3 tall. Would be nice if Michelin made a 305 or 315x35x19. So it is a bit shorter than the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 285x40x18 now on the car. Spec for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar say 27 for this tire but measures out at 26.75. For the fronts I am going to narrow them to the 19x9.5 and run the 275x35x19s. It is still cheaper to narrow and blend these than to buy 19x9.5s from Ford. They are .3 taller than the rear but when I measured the factory set up the fronts are a 1/8 of an inch taller even though specs say they are the same.


I agree it would be nice if FRPP made these wheels in the 9.5 and 11 inch sizes as that seem to be what people want but we are left to do it ourselves. :headscratch:





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275/35/19 fronts and 305/30/19 rears.


What wheels and rubber please are you using and price.

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