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CS8 Grille w/ PIAA Driving lights

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I have the old stype CS8 grille w/ PIAA driving lights that I am going to sale. I am going back to the OEM grille. It's my understanding that Shelby no longer offers this grille. The grille will come completely assembled (and anyone who has put one together knows this is a added feature!) It will include the grille, driving lights, Shelby nameplated, etc. All you will have to do is remove your stock grille and the GT black grille and install this one and wire for lights. Installation time should be less than 30-45 minutes.


If someone would like to buy, I would like to have your GT black grille so I can use to support the billet grille as the one I will be sending you has already been cut and altered and mounted to the CS8 grille assembly. I will pay for shipping of your old stock GT grille.


NOTE, I originally used that supplied pigtales for the install but the collected moisture and blew a fuse. I then hardwired w/ protective coating and this is what I suggest you do.


When I installed my car had just a little over 5000 miles and the car now has 10,000 miles. Car is rarely driven and parked and covered the majority of the time. There are no problems w/ the CS8 grille assembly.


I spent almost $500 for this setup and will take $400 plus shipping costs. I don't know what the shipping costs will be but weight is light. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks, Craig

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I might be interested and have an extra GT grill. How the Shelby letters attach?? Are they easily removed?




the grille has a bar strap on the backside and the letters have pins that go thru the grille into the bar strap w/ tension nuts that snap on the back side. I have not tried to remove, but wouldn't think it would be hard at all to remove if you wanted too. Personally, I like the SHELBY letters on the grille as it tends to set it off. JMO Craig

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