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Initial impressions

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Hello all,


well the weather here in new England has been close to 60 degrees. I have had the car since the 14 th and have yet to really drive the car. I have a friend who has a 67 gt500 and told him about the car before I bought it and he asked me to bring it over as soon as j could. I called him yesterday and brought the car to his house. First thing he said when he came outside was that car is f...ing beautiful! I handed him the keys and said take it out for a drive and he politely declined. I opened the driver door and told him to fire it up which he did. He turned the key hit the gas and the car roared and he looked at me with a big smile. We popped the hood and he looked over the engine and could not stop praising the car. He then asked to drive it and I told him that is why I brought it here. We drove about 10 miles and the comments included this car just wants to keep pulling, the handling is awesome, sounds fantastic , how much are one if these? Over all it was great to have another Shelby enthusiast see and drive the car and see the response. These cars are rare and I doubt there is another one in ct and I have gotten nothing but stares when I took it out. My quick impressions on the small time driving the car are: the exhaust when driving is addictive I do not want to hear anything else. The handling is great and the power is smooth and powerful. The clutch feel is effortless and the shifting is smooth and dud u mention how the car sounds? Yes, the sound is that good... At least that is my opinion. More to come and just wanted to share the impressions of a person who has a 67 gt500 as a testament of the new gt350

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