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Satellite Radio Out


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After being in hibernation for most of the past two months, I've taken the KR a few times this week. Now my satellite radio is on the fritz. It will pick up a signal for a minute or two, then go to "Acquiring", then to "No Signal", then later it will come back on and repeat the process again, and again, and again.


Anyone seen this before? Where should I start looking for the problem?



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Think I had to call them also after I took it out of storage. I always had them shut it off and till I got it out and it saved me money.Rick



I bought a LIFETIME subscription for just a little more than what a 3 year subscription would cost. It was just shy of $400 for the lifetme sub, plus taxes which brought it to just over 400 bucks.


I'm not planning to sell the car and if I do, I'll have a sales bounus for the buyer (lifetime Sirrius).


I've had my car down for at least two months and this time I took the batter out so I may find out if this subject has merit or not!


I'm glad I read this before putting my car back on the road and finding out my Sirrius dosn't work.




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I cancel or put my account on "hold" during winter storage.


I got smart last year when my "free trial run" ran out. SIRIUS called, and called, and called.....finally, they offered me $4 a month for 6 months. I said "Sure, I'll sign up for that." They wanted to take my credit card info to process the account. Ahhhhh, no, I'm NOT going to fall for that one (They'll give you the 6 months for $24 but will lock you in for the remaining months at full price and you'll have to go round and round with them to cancel the account) I told the guy to bill me instead. He fought me over the matter but I insisted he bill me or this phone conversation is over. He billed me.


I just let the 6 months run out and then start over again. They're already starting to call.....lol

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