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Muffler & pipes


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I had my car sitting the the driveway today and a man walked up and started looking at it. We spoke and he starting telling me the company he just left was making the muffler and tail pipes for the Shelby. He was supprised to see the ones on my car were not what they were making. Here are the details of the conversation.


He worked for "Maramont", ( I think that is how it is spelled ) and they were bought awile back by a company called International Muffler Company out of Texas. The plant here in East TN is the division making the mufflers for the Shelby. They went on strike about 3 weeks ago and the day after they went on strike he found another job because the figured it would be a long strike. By the way, it looks to be a long one, they have already fired all non-union employees that went on strike and hired mexican scabs. Any way, he said the first order was for 10,000 units. He said they were going on the GT500 and Shelby GT. He said the pipes on the muffler for the ones they are making are alot larger than mine. He tried to describe them and said they completely filled the the cutout in the rear bumper. My pipes are not that large.


I will be posting pictures of my car tomorrow and will post on this thread my pipes. Could others post there pipes for comparision.

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