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Removing the rear spoiler


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I tried to remove the orignal KR rear spoiler and change it into the SuperSnake spoiler.


My problem is that the KR spoiler won't get off the lid. I tried anything like heat it up, using a plastic wedge... The tape is so hard to get off that I have to damage lid to get off the spoiler.


Is there another way?! A special liquid or something else to solve the adhesive?



Thanks a lot for your answers.

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Well it can be done, i took mine off and sent it in for carol to sign. First lots of time. I removed the lid liner and used a heat gun on the under side of the trunk lid, be very careful, not to much heat or you could lift the stripes also.I used some door shim stock (wood) i had and a lot of effort. There is two rows of very good 3m tape under your spoiler. They run the lenght of it.Aprox 4 inches apart. I started heating it and shoving the shim stock under it from the leading edge and used an old t-shirt between the shim and the paint to protect it. It will come off, you will just have to work the shims along the edge.You will be cutting the tape in half by doing this and when you do get it off be prepared to spend almost as much time cleaning the old tape off the trunk lid, i used lighter fluid to do that, like i said that is some really good tape, Hope that helps,Bill

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