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Good to know..... not many here.

Thanks You know of any others.


Funny, now that you mention it, I can't think of any other 07's in my parts. I am sure there are some around.


I do know of 3 other 06 models and have seen 2 other 06 models at car shows in the past two years. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for 07 models.



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I guy put more details on your 07 GTH


I have one I'm located in the south shore of Montréal, mine is 07H187 69,000km


I know 3 others in Québec, Canada but I dont remember the CSM number.





The 3 others in Quebec, canada is: 245-267-284

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I'm a newbie to Mustangs and collector cars. But I have purchased my 2007 GT-H convertible from the states and expect delivery on April 20th.

I hope I didn't pay too much as I fell in love when I saw it and I have kept my non-collector jeep cherokee for about 12 years.


I am in Canada (Oakville) so I am glad to hear a few other fellow Canucks own these babies!


This is the one I bought, any tips for a new mustang owner are appreciated of course


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