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My local church is having a "chili cookoff" next Sunday and since my SGT is well-known to most of the congregation, I decided to fix some of Carroll Shelby's Texas Chili recipe and bought the kit from the grocery store. I plan to have a laptop with short PowerPoint about Carroll, Terlingua, Shelby American, etc. I read/heard somewhere that what is sold in the stores currently is not really Carroll's "original" recipe. Anyone have an inside track on this or know any ingredients that could be added to make it more "authentic" (not that anyone would know the difference)? Any other info about Carroll's connection with the whole chili thing would be appreciated. Just thought it would be a chance to put the Shelby name out in front of the non-gearhead public. Thanks in advance.


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It's a little late for a response but I just saw this thread. As far as I know the chili mix is still the same but it is either owned or distributed by another company.


I have been using his mix for several years and have always had good comments from friends and family but have gotten shut out of every competition I entered. I have found most people don't understand what chili without beans is. However I have had good results with a variation of his recipe. I use the powdered mix but I substitute half the hamburger meat with fresh ground sausage. I add several different types of beans, usually pintos, black beans, white beans, black eyed peas, and kidney beans. I also add a can of diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, some fresh diced jalepenos, habeneros, and bell peppers, and occasionally some mushrooms and corn. Also I usually add some beer, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale seems to work well. I have won two competitions and placed second and third with this variation. It's a little spicy but most judges seem to like it.

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