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Mustang Race 2011 - Poland


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Mustang Race 2011 - Poland



A real eye candy for any Mustang enthusiats I think :



The story behind:

The Polish Mustang Club (MKP) of which I am a member came up with this idea to do a 4 day long cruise through Poland this year. We called it the MustangRace 2011. One of our members said he would like to shoot a promotional video for the event, and free of charge too! Which is a good thing since we are not making any money out of it and we are organising everything in our spare time!

Over the course of the last summer he asked us to participate in the numerous shooting sessions spread around Poland (a lot of historic landmarks flash in the video).

We had to wait for over 5 months to see the results and we are all over the moon. I thought I'll share it here with you to enjoy as well.


Not too bad for a bunch of crazy mustang owners I think!

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Awesome video, very well done. I just love the global attraction that the Mustang has. It really makes an owner feel that he or she is part of an international brother/sisterhood of Mustang owners under one family. It's also interesting to see that the one-off AV-X10 "Dearborn Doll" ended up Europe. Considering that the car was built in tribute to P-51 Mustang, it's kind of fitting that it's "stationed" in Europe. :salute:


Again, cool video, and best wishes for your "Mustang Race, 2011"!

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Beautiful and shiny, convertibles and coupes, classic and brand new, thirthy Mustangs roamed the streets of Polish streets with the roar of engines.

Four days, five cities and about 500miles. There wasn't a single person that wouldn't turn around. The sight was magnificent. Sometimes in the column of 25 cars we have visited some of Poland's nicest cities and small villages.

The event was organised by the Mustang Club of Poland and is called Mustang Race 2011. The goal was not to get from A to B in the shortest time but to earn points for test presented to every crew at the beginig of each stage. We competed in variety of test, from Mustang history, geography to bowling or riding a bull.


Thousands came to see the displays organised along the way. The weather was not on our side but we still managed to gather a nice crowd and enjoyed ourselves and meeting new people.

There were competitions for spectators too. Changing tires, voting for the best looking car or matching a nail polish to the colour of the car.

Mustang Race is more about the people then the cars, it is about the passion for american muscle cars that we all share. We managed to interest a lot of companies in participating in the Mustang Race but we failed to be noticed by Shelby American and Ford Motor Company in the USA. We hope it will change in the future as we plan for the MR to be an annual event.

Organizer: AluStar


Photo Gallery:


- http://img13.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=279edit.jpg

- http://www.photon.boo.pl/mustangrace2011/



























Finish Mustang Race -






















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The sun, rain, beautiful landscape and left behind another miles. Mustang Race it's dozens of oldtimers and recent Mustangs going through Poland.

For drivers of these cars is an unforgettable adventure in unconventional group of current or future friends.

For viewers it's a chance to see the history of the American automotive industry.

Not in the museum, but in your city or on the way...

Sometimes we slightly but unconsciously make a traffic jam in whole town - and it is not because there is a lot of us ...

Seeing so many beautiful cars people have to stop for a moment and sigh, so we do ... That's what our cars likes the best;)

We already know that unique Mustangs will go.

You can see the oltimers of the first years of production, so from 1965/66.

There will be also models of the best years for muscle cars with big engines and v8 sounding like Beethoven performed by Metallica;)

In contrast, latest models will present their muscles - one of them has almost 800 hp! Shelby, Foose, Bullitt, and the cars modified itself by the owners, thats the sweet essence of this event.

Mustang owners are welcome to this event, and the fans to look upon us on the way or in your city. See ya:)



Mustang Race 2011 relation - Poland





and :drool:



Mustang Race 2012 - Announce


Our fresh video



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