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Motortrend VIDEO review of the Shelby GT!!!


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Nice piece on the Shelby-GT:



Boy, does it sound goooood! :drool:Enjoy!!!

Hey....Linky no Worky. Please fixy.

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Link worked. Great story!!

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Nice....that did sound great !!! I am thinking about using those mufflers on the GT-500...any thoughts ?


Yes: let us know how it sounds!


OK, who is smart enough to tell me how to make that a ring tone for my phone?????? :headspin:


Strap a Shelby to it! :hysterical:



Nice Kia vid. with no sound ?


Kia vid is an ad. Intentionally silent to get your attention. After ad, the vid on the S-GT runs. Be patient! :hysterical2:

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......just keep turning it up during the KIA add.......that is what I did the first time..........Then the exhaust note was let's say a bit loud :hysterical2:


....My 2 year old still runs to the computer everytime I play it.


My 4 & 5 year-olds do the same thing! I call 'em "Shelby fans in training"! :hysterical:

Hey, they can even identify the Cobra 427, Shelby GT500, and of course the GT350! The wife loves that! :drop:

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