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"Bullitt" drive background


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Nice read, thanks for that.

Back in the 90s', I was a chauffeur and used to drive the actor Michael Ironsides who at the time of Bullit being filmed, was a friend of McQueen and was around for much of the chase scene filming.

He told me a little nugget of info, not huge but little known. Although the cars used were 67 GT badged cars, indicating the 390ci motor, 289 HiPo motors were used in the cars to shed weight to aid in handling around the streets and for the chassis to better handle the jumping section of the scene. I have not been able to validate these claims through another source but it does make some sense, that 390ci was a heavy lump of iron, too bad they did not make an aluminum block 390ci!!! The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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