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Another eBay Replica


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But this one is being represented as a REAL 289 Shelby continuation car:


eBay Replica


I have written and politely advised him that this is NOT made by SAI and requested he correct his listing, but no response. Judging by his feedback, he makes a living misrepresenting cars. His latest negative was from a "real" 1969 Z28, when I looked at the pictures it was definitely NOT a real Z28. This is a real first class seller.

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He finally answered my e-mail, "The car has a Shelby American, Inc. plaque on the firewall and some of the paperwork supports this". He refuses to correct his listing.



Interesting that the seller didn't include a photo of the "plaque" in his auction since he's using it as proof. I'm going to take a guess that the vin number of SVMXX5288 belongs to a kit car made by Shell Valley Motors.


I wonder if the Club Cobra boys have seen this auction yet?



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