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KR Front Brake Duct Kit with trashed box?

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Some time back when I bought my FRPP front brake duct kit I posted the price and URL for BuyFordRacing.com and a TS member with a KR also bought one but it came in a box that was trashed as BFR used the original box as the shipping container.


He wanted to send it back and try to get one in a new box, just so he could have it for his KR that didn't come with the kit in the trunk.


Well, MY box is perfect and at this point, unopened. If the poster in question can point me to his/her original post showing s/he is the person in question, I'll make you a heck of a deal.


I personally don't give a ratz azz about the condition of my box as I'm just gonna open it and install the ducts rather than keep it for a KR resale.


If s/he wants a FRPP brake duct kit in a brand new, unopened, perfect condition box, I'll do you a big favor and it'll cost you a minimum.


If you send me your FRPP kit in your trashed box, INSIDE of a larger box (as mine was shipped), all packed up how you would want me to ship it back to you, with a prepaid return shipping label inside of the box, I will take your box out, put mine in the box in place of yours, stick the return label on the outside box, take it to UPS or Fed-Ex (your choice) and ship my kit back to you. In other words, we can make a straight up trade if you want to pay for shipping both ways.


My box is UNOPENED and I will provide photo's if you want, with any kind of dated material in the photo to prove it's not some old "stock" photo.


No gimmicks, no scam, just a fellow TS member helping out another TS member.


I'm only making this offer to THE ORIGINAL person that got the trashed box from BFR.com. If s/he doesn't reply, I'll do the same for any other *KR* owner. Shipping cost would be to/from Co. Springs, CO 80916-5751


Contact me by PM or private e-mail: phill.pollard@comcast.net




Phill Pollard

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That's a really cool thing to do....I hope he/she finds this post and can take advantage of it.



I just wish I could remember the thread or about when it was so I could find it and PM the guy.


I don't have a lot of luck with the search feature here on TS forums....


And I'm getting close to needing to open my box and install the brake ducts so I figure I better give the guy the chance before I go ahead and "damage" the box.


Anyone remember the thread? I think it was when the FRPP brake ducts first disappeared from the Ford Racing Parts site and Buy Ford Racing must'a bought up the NOS from FRPP.



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