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Air filter


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There is a search function on this forum....most of the topics you might be interested in have been discussed in length. Here is the filter you are looking for.



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Why do you want a washable one?


They are okay, but they can lead to oil getting on the MAF, and they also let more debris in than traditional paper or natural fiber filters. The horsepower gain really doesn't justify it to me. I wouldn't think you would get but 5 or so whp at the most out just a filter swap.

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Don't recall if this was mentioned before.


For those still considering and keeping true to the snake - Shelby washable air filters, looks like the Air Raid versions.




does it have the mesh screen that the OEM filter has??

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I am having a hard time finding a replacement air filter for my 2011. I know I can get one from my dealer, butr I am looking for a washable one like a K&N or the like. :headscratch:




If you want to a little searching, here are the spec's on the size of the 2011 GT500 air filter.


Flange-5.5 in.; B-7.42 in.; T-5.01 in.; L-9 in.

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Don't know, I just saw this in an e-mail. However, my Air Raid does not. The Ford OEM is the first air filter I've seen with one and I don't understand why.


i figure they must have had a warranty claim on part of the air filter being sucked into the engine/SC---

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The screen is there to "straighten" the airflow through the MAF...but most people take them out



Interesting. However, I can't see why since the air still has to go through the Piece Of S*** S/C muffler and, doesn't it add restriction? Probably why many remove it.

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I ran into the same issue and did a bunch of research, re-posting my research in this thread

Two brands of filters have the notched piece of rubber to help the filter sit in place and matches factory dimensions (Airaid & Shelby Performance)


Airaid two options:

(4ply cotton X 1ply synthetic) oiled and recharged like a regular cotton filter

(Part # 860-399) $70


(2ply synthetic) not oiled and cleaned with household products

(Part # 861-399) $80


The non-oiled air filter needs to be cleaned more often and has a slightly higher resistance but you don't have to buy the recharging kits.


Shelby Performance


Shelby GT500 Air Filter: Oiled Version (2010-2012)

Our Price: $69.99


Shelby GT500 Air Filter: Dry Version (2010-2012)

Our Price: $79.99


Now if matching the original filters exact dimensions and the notch at the end of the filter isn't a must have... then there are a few other options.


S&B has a universal filter (8ply cotton)

(Item #: R1279) $40 oiled

This filter is an inch shorter then stock (8 inches long) and has to be built but the person I talked to on tech support said it would be built and shipped in 2-3 days.


aFe Universal Clamp on filter (5ply cotton) .. (ALSO Cool to note this one is BLUE all the others are red)

(Part # 24-91007) $72 oiled

This filter is an inch shorter then stock (8 inches long) and plenty in stock.


K&N (6ply cotton)

Custom Built 4-6 weeks for delivery $92

You will have to talk to a representative and get some paper work to fill out and fax it back before they will start.


The Shelby Performance air filter is new and I didn't call to find out how many ply of cotton is used as I bought the Airaid. I'd go with the Shelby Performance one now if I didn't already have the Airaid.



I thought the Shelby filter was the same unit as the Airaid filter but with the custom logo on the base?? .

I just bought dry elements for both the GT-500 and the CS6 (which matched perfectly to the original).

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