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Oh no !! I think I'm going to be sick.


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Off topic.. the black grill on your car looks AWESOME! I might have to take mine off and get it powder coated.. :headscratch:


Offtopic...I got the black upper and lower grilles purchased from the Shelby Store powdercoated ; they were not holding up worth a crud. I'm keeping the original billet grille as is; I'll likely swap back and forth every once in awhile.

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Given the choice of being sandwiched between Oprah and Rosanne right after an aerobics class, or driving around with those wheels.....the decision would would require a lot of thought! :barf:





I wish I hadn't read that!



You gotta admit though, he made that Stang his own!

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Off topic, but:


Rush, I gotta say, that pic of your black beauty is the coolest I've ever seen! Clean. Perfect. Without a doubt...


Thank you! SVOC took the picture ; he installed my 3.73 gears.

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