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I am happy to introduce myself as the proud new owner of a 2011 GT500.


Just picked it up from the dealer yesterday, and it was like christmas morning all over again today.


Unfortunately I only have a few days to enjoy this car on the streets of FL until the cover goes on and it makes the trip across the Atlantic to the UK.


I hear the car calling...time to go for a quick spin.

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Congrats on your new ride, and welcome to Team Shelby. Lots of great people and some really awesome cars here.


When you get a chance be sure to register your car in the Shelby American Registry. You can get there by following the link in my signature. The Shelby Store also has a Certificate of Authenticity you can buy for 20 bucks.


If you need any assistance in registering your car, don't hesitate to contact a Registrar for help. Again, welcome to Team Shelby, and enjoy that new ride.


Rule number one here is you must post pics, lots and lots of pics.





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Welcome to Team Shelby, good luck with the new ride.......................be sure to take plenty of " cheap Fla. gas " back with you to England. ( Stopped in Portsmouth a couple of times during my Navy years, the poeple were warm & friendly, always had a good time!! )



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