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KR H Pipe any good?

07 Black Beauty

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got one on my 500. It made my MMS mufflers (bought from Alex) sound even better. It does rob performance (~5-10 hp) but it is well worth the sound. No regrets...


I have the PHRP H Pipe...awesome...first I've heard of a -5 to 10 hp loss...can you explain why? thanks!

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Guessing it makes the KR mufflers louder? Other than that why would it be good to do?



Thanks for the input guys. Im not really to worried about 5-10 HP loss some of the other mods I am doing will more than make up for the loss. Im mainly just looking to get a nice sounding exhaust so the KR h pipe might be a nice fit with the KR mufflers im going to get .

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