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Door Handle Rattle

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Its driving me nuts. Behind the interior door handle is a plastic black plate that rattles - both sides. Is this a Hertz only thing. How do you fix it? Nice quiet car - and little plastic plates that rattle. Casey



Casey I had the same rattle,I think. When closing the door something would make a terrible noise. I ended up taking the door panel off and investigating the problem. What I found was somethig that I could fix. A open ended wrench did the trick. It's a TIGHT fit to get that wrench in there but it's very possible. I did this when the weather was warm and I took my time but it did take care of that annoying rattle. This rattle was only on the drivers side,hoping that it will not happen on the other side. Maybe you can post some pictures of the fix, if I have to do it again I'll be sure and to take pictures. It's a 3 wrench out of 5 for difficulty.

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took mine to dealer warenty. was fixed don't know how....


3M tape maybe???


3m tape,baling wire and some chewing gum,oh wait that what was used on a Model T. :hysterical:

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Just a Mustang convertible thing, looks like 2005-2007 from what I see in other forums. There's lots of discussion on it. Looks like many add a litte piece of double sided tape/foam between the plastic plate and the panel.



Thanks. This is the part I was talking about. I can push on it and it lodges in enough to last a while, but always comes back. For goodness sake - two little pieces of plastic that drive me nuts and FORD didnt figure it out? Thanks for the solution. I guess duck tape would work too - It will fix any problem :-). Casey

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