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Shelby Baer 6S front & Eradispeed rear brakes on KR?

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As the title says, can you put the Shelby/Baer 6S brake calipers & rotors on the front of a KR with the stock/OE 18" Alcoa Dura-Bright wheels or is there a clearence problem?


What about the rear wheels and the Shelby/Baer Eradispeed rear brake rotors (14"?)?


For those that have added the Baer 6S brakes on ANY GT500, will the FRPP/KR front brake cooling duct kit work with them? I see that you are supposed to eliminate the dust OEM shields when you add the 6S brakes but the instructions don't say anything about the FRPP/KR vented shields. From the looks of them, they are the same item just with a tube welded on them.


Or does the KR use the JLT/Shelby style of duct that is just the tube with two mounting ears on it?


If I can't use the FRPP cooling ducts with the Baer brakes, I may have a set for sale, new in box-never been opened!



Thanks in advance,

Phill Pollard

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I put the front and rear Baer 6 piston brakes on my KR and I DID have clearance issues. The wheels fit on, but there was about the thickness of a piece of paper gap clearance. I was not going to risk damage to my calipers and wheels so I put on the 20' Alcoas.


Shelby Autos claims they have no issues with this set up, but I sure did.

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