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Matte & Chrome Color

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Hi to everone. :shift:

once again to help each other , who does want to change his car's color.

as we know mainly there are three kind of colors .


1-Glossy :banghead:

2-Matte :drool:

3-Chrome :happy feet:


usually all cars are producing in Glossy colors. :jackinbox:

Here we want to collect some information about where&price of the #2 & #3 kind of colors.

As i know Matte color cars body painters are easy to find because is not that expensive. the best way to use Matte color is using the Full Body Matte Color Sticker

is there any good company around US which can do Full body matte sticker with good price ??

if any1 has information plz let us know with number or website or phone num. :talkhand:


Matte Example





Chrome Example




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