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Which suspension is better?


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NOthing wrong with the FRPP kit, but being that your car is a Roush and you paid more for it to say "Roush" on it, you gotta go with the Roush suspension kit. They are probably very compairable in terms of perfroamcne.


Actually if you have the extra coin, I'd go with the Roush Trak Pak coil over set up and then buy the sway bars seperately if you even need them.

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I just bought the complet Griggs setup.. anybody here that can tell me there own experiences....


I am waiting for the parts to come in and then need to install and adjust it...


I have the complete kit with the brake upgrade..



I own and track a full Griggs car. There really is nothing like it. On the track with a 100hp deficit, Z06's and 911 Turbos won't keep you in sight. The car will corner with a surgical precision that will spoil you rotten, making it the benchmark that you will compare all cars you drive in the future against. My SVT PP car in many ways is woefully inadequate by comparison, and I am feverishly saving my nickles to be able to buy a GR40 kit for it as well. You will not regret it.


But back to the OP, if you don't plan to track the car, perhaps a Roush setup is the way to go.

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For the track Griggs


For the street - FRPP "K" springs, Tokico D Spec shocks, BMR UCA, LCAs and relocation brackets, and a Fay's Watt's link. Approx $1700.00 plus labor.


The ride and handling will amaze you.

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