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Oil Filter Magnet

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A friend of mine uses an oil filter magnet on his oil filters to catch any loose floating debris or littler metal fragments. I can only see it being a good thing to have to give you extra peace of mind. Any of you guys have one?



I thought of it but the oil filter magnet they want 40.00 for it. I may pick up a magnetic drain plug and if I can find a nice magnet for the filter. But have use the drain plug in other cars and it always had some fine metal and slime.

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My hang up with the filter magnet was ... what if it fell off??


Metal drain plug for sure.


Where does one find a metal drain plug?



If you still have the stock pan it is a 14mm - 1.5


Here is aplace to get one, I have not used them I have a Moroso pan and it comes standard from them.


Good Luck


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